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The Curse of Steptoe and Son




Steptoe and Son

The Curse of Steptoe


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The Curse of Steptoe is a television play which was first broadcast on 19 March 2008 on BBC Four as part of a season of dramas about television personalities. It stars Jason Isaacs as Harry H. Corbett and Phil Davis as Wilfrid Brambell. The drama is based upon the actors' on- and off-screen relationship during the making of the BBC sitcom Steptoe and Son, and is based on interviews with colleagues, friends and family of the actors, and the Steptoe writers, Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.

The screenplay was written by Brian Fillis, also responsible for the similarly themed 2006 drama Fear of Fanny, which is about television personality Fanny Cradock off-screen. The 60-minute film is directed by Michael Samuels and produced by Ben Bickerton.

From the BBC Drama Website :

Steptoe and Son remains a landmark in the history of British television. The series gave birth to the modern sitcom and transformed its actors - Harry H Corbett and Wilfrid Brambell - into national treasures.

Starring Jason Isaacs (The State Within) as Harry H Corbett and Phil Davis (Five Days) as Wilfrid Brambell, The Curse of Steptoe uncovers an unexpected and incredible tale of life imitating art.

The sitcom told the story of two rag-and-bone men trapped together for all eternity. But out of the public eye an even stranger story was playing out, of two men yoked together unable to escape their inner complexities or each other.

How their personal problems helped the show achieve success is one of the most revealing stories from the annals of BBC light entertainment history.

Based on interviews with colleagues, friends and family of Harry and Wilfrid, and Steptoe writers, Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, The Curse Of Steptoe explores the incredible story of life behind the scenes.

Jason Isaacs        Harry H Corbett

Phil Davis            Wilfrid Brambell

Burn Gorman       Ray Galton

Rory Kinnear       Alan Simpson

Roger Allam        Tom Sloane

Brian Fillis            writer
Michael Samuels  director
Ben Bickerton      producer