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The variety of 70’s funnies that DID N'T get a spin off movie or 2? I could only think of Fawlty Towers. I generally find these spin off movies to be below par, nevertheless in this case I have been truly delighted. I found the only substantial technique to approach these films was as films, and not as extensions of TV series.

The first motion picture, if analyzed alone, would have got a pawltry 2 stars. Due to that right from the first minute you comprehend that the whole motion picture is going to be developed to humiliate Harold. Well Corbett plays the part TOO WELL so you bypass all that sensation and merely end up really not liking the other people in the motion picture.

It's uncommon to see a motion picture that in fact makes me laugh aloud, nevertheless that happened on this on more than once occassion. The motion picture saves its most hilarious minutes for the last half hour and not wishing to destroy it, I will be adequate to state that it is in fact very very funny. Diana Dors appears, all blonde hair and blue eyes, looking every bit the personification of 70s stylish; although her initial minutes with Corbett were irritatingly similar to the first blue movie I saw

Many things have changed since the 70’s annuity rates were three times what they are now and income drawdown had not even been thought of.

I 'd encourage anybody to get this dvd double-pack, my strong concept is you see the Second film before the first!