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PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 7:59 am
by John O'Brien
I am glad I have been a catylist for the DVD-R of odds and sods idea. I have one of Fools & Horses that includes just about everything that wasn't on the BBC episode & specials DVDs.

I was involved in a similar thing for some Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music DVDs. A lot of fans on a forum sent their DVD-rs and VHS tapes to a fan who had the technology to master it all together. This was a lot of archive TV footage and interviews and not stuff you could get on a retail Video or DVD. They where then offered back to the fans at the cost of making the copies and the nice sleeve that was with them.

Bryan Ferry himself has copies of these as I gave them to him and he was well impressed with how they had been put together and he was also amazed at the footage that was unearthed.

If interested please check out my Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music site

PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 10:29 am
by PhilGlass

Yes, I am aware of the Fools and Horses one, it proudly sits in my collection. I have been doing the same with the millions of hours of unreleased Elvis Presley footage for years. So to make one for the Steptoe fans is a privelage.

It's going well, some great content. Still too erely to publish a content list, but I will soon once everything I have sourced has been checked!!

Thanks for suggesting it, John.