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An update on the Complaint against the BBC...

PostPosted: Sun Dec 26, 2010 11:43 pm
by PhilGlass
I know he won't mind me sharing this with you all... re: "The Curse of Steptoe", I received this e-mail message from Harry's nephew Simon Blott:

"Just to keep you posted on the continuing ‘Curse of Steptoe’ saga, the BBC Trust have today upheld another of our appeals. You can view their finding online at: ... 10/nov.pdf

You may recall that the BBC Editorial Complaints Unit upheld our main complaint in December 2008, and the drama was subsequently edited. We then appealed to the BBC Trust, who in June 2009 ruled that the edits did not go far enough, and the drama was edited for a second time. The programme was repeated on BBC HD last Christmas, and we appealed again because we felt the BBC still hadn’t gone far enough. Meanwhile the BBC announced they would release the drama on a DVD, despite the appeal process going on and our continuing complaints. Well, today the BBC Trust published their ruling that, indeed, the drama is still unfair and inaccurate and once again cannot be shown until further editing takes place. If it does it would make the 4th version of the drama.

So we are now in the situation where the programme has been shown multiple times, but still hasn’t been edited properly, is still unfair, and yet no apology has been forthcoming for any of this. Furthermore, there is now a DVD out there which is also considered unfair and inaccurate. The Trust have confirmed to us that the DVD will be withdrawn from sale, but who knows when? It is still being sold at the moment on, and importantly the BBC’s own shop (! Although we knew the decision weeks ago, the announcement has been delayed several times. A cynic would say it was deliberate, to make sure DVD sales continue up to Christmas!

We STILL haven’t had a response from Ofcom, who we also complained to nearly two years ago! The wheels grind VERY slowly in that organisation."

I dont think I need to add comment - this says it all really!!

Let's hope one day this will be sorted out for good!!

PostPosted: Mon Dec 27, 2010 1:47 pm
by bob
Thanks for the posting Phil

I've been out of action for over a week with this flu bug, and didn't get round to posting the message.

Once I'm fully recovered I'll catch up with my corespondence.


PostPosted: Mon Jan 03, 2011 12:21 am
by Graham_S nli
Hi Bob, Archie, Phil et al,

Long time.... Happy New Year to one and all...

Although I haven't been around for sometime on the site, I still do look in from time to time...

I watched a brilliant biopic the other night about the young "Eric and Ernie" (Morecambe and Wise) on BBC2 by Victoria Wood....

In Eric and Ernie there must have been some use of dramatic license used with the scene of the two of them as boys during the war sharing a bed mirroring comedy shows of theirs years later..... (this was something actually thought up by their future writer Eddie Braben) and mentions of Des O'Connor for instance...

When the BBC really tries they can succeed on programmes like this and I just wish someone like Victoria who seemed to be a fan of the other dynamic duo had overseen the making of the "Curse" rather than the awful makers of the sensationalist and rather tawdry effort made about Harry and Wilfred...

PostPosted: Mon Jan 03, 2011 4:32 pm
by bob
Hi Graham

What a lovely New Year treat, to have a positng from you.

I hope all is good in your world and hope to see a few more posts during 2011.