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The Plank

An opportunity to discuss other TV comedy shows of interest to Steptoe fans.

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The Plank

Postby Archie » Sat Apr 12, 2014 3:59 pm

The excellent comedy starring Eric Sykes & Tommy Cooper is on Channel 5 tonight @ 11.35.
I Believe they have some plus 24 channel so it should be on tomorrow as well ?.
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Re: The Plank

Postby Ilovesteptoe » Wed May 14, 2014 5:48 pm

Seen that on TV, I love it so much the original from 1968 and the remake of 1979 featuring Harry h Corbett and co. Sometimes I shed a small tear on watching it seeing so many classic comedy stars of the day who are now sadly gone, and you look around today's comics and with the exception of a small minority the majority are so poor I feel sorry for future generations who have nothing but mediocrity to look back on unlike us. :|
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Re: The Plank

Postby The late Mrs Steptoe » Sun Jan 25, 2015 1:24 pm

This was about the funniest thing I ever saw, as a young lad (though the original was made a few years before I was born) and the version I actually saw first was the Thames TV remake from around 1980 (the one with Arthur Lowe in it. Not sure how long it was until I saw the one with TC; it can't have been too long though.) I mentioned in the 'DVDs you last bought' thread about how I still love watching these things and can't help but play spot the star! :D And to be honest, if it were made again (please NO, for pity's sake) then I'm sure I'd not know any of the celebs in it, like it wouldn't if I fell over them!

Short, star-studded films like this were very common for the time and apart from the two versions of The Plank that I have on DVD a big favourite is Simon, Simon. It was written, directed and starred Graham Stark and you'd see people pop up in it of the caliber of Perter Sellers and Eric & Ern; wonderful! I've also got The Eric Sykes Collection set, (it has the later Plank) and is a nice little collection that features the re-make of Rhubarb, Rhubarb. If only I could get the original of that too, but it was my brother who saw the re-make on telly back in the day and drove me nuts, going on about it for what seemed like a year, when I'd missed it somehow. It's amazing to think you can have these things to watch any time you fancy... I was around before people had video recorders. :P

Many more I could mention, but there IS something that I need to - if it's passed anyone by so far and that's The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins. It's a 1971 feature-length 'anthology' with (7 - unsurprisingly) sketches from different writers; such as messers Galton And Simpson! That one features Alfie Bass and Ian Carmichael as motorists who just will not let the other pass, when trapped down a country lane. Classic and so true to life (I see it out my window, daily LOL.) One of the best bits stars none other than Bruce Forsythe as a chauffeur trying to impress his awful boss, by chasing a 50p piece through the London sewage system. Some will hate these sort of films, but each to their own - if they give me and others a good chortle then they've served their purpose. :) And others will know that none other than Harry H. Corbett plays a lustful young man that has about the same luck here with the 'birds' as he did as Harold Steptoe; he gives the most captivating performance in the film - not difficult to believe because he was so convincing in his best-known role anyway. Also, I feel it's one of the weakest-scripted segments of the movie, but his performance here is remarkable... quite sinister in intent but you feel sorry for him, eventually. Not giving anything away in case you don't know! :wink:
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Re: The Plank

Postby Uncle Nobby » Sun Jun 07, 2015 5:52 am

I love The Plank!

I remember the 79 version as I watched it on the telly.
I've got the boxed sets of the Plank and other Sykes' masterpieces.

The original isn't (to me anyway) as funny as the re-make (It's not silent!) although it is still good.

The other ones of Eric Sykes are Rhubarb Rhubarb about a Golf game, It's your Move about moving house,
and Mr H is Late about a funeral.

Brilliant films!
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