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Theatre Productions

An opportunity to discuss other TV comedy shows of interest to Steptoe fans.

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Theatre Productions

Postby bob » Fri Jun 18, 2010 11:51 am

It seems a lot of our favourite TV shows are now being remade for the theatre. So I thought it might make an interesting side topic.

As I have said in previous postings I went to see a stage version of Porridge last year and it was very dissapointing.

I recently went to see the Dad's Army show with Leslie Grantham. This show was similar to Porridge in that it cobbled together 4 previous episodes. But it was rather good. All of the characters (except Grantham as Pvt Walker) were believable. I guess the directors thought that having him in the cast would put more bums on seats, but perhaps they should have remembered the quality of the show they were bringing to the stage. Dad's Army is qualty in its own right and dosn't need any help in selling.

I notice Hi-De-Hi is now on tour, but don't plan to see that.

I must say however that I am so glad that Ray didn't take the easy option an join a few old Steptoe episodes together, but gave un an entirely new script in Murder at ... I just hope that one day either an audio or DVD production is made.
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Postby PhilGlass » Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:21 pm

Hi Bob

Great topic. I saw a flyer last week in Manchester for a stage version of Victoria Wood's 'Dinnerladies'. It seems they're all at it...

As someone who trained in theatre and has a degree in the subject, I am aware of the amount of outstanding new writing out there. It kind of irritates me a little that 99% of theatre now is based upon something existing. Even so called 'new' musicals are all based upon an old story - for example, Andrew Lloyd Webber has only ever written one totally new musical, never based on an existing story, his latest, Love Never Dies.

Although I wish all of these shows good luck and I am sure the people involved are uber-talented, I think theatre should relish new ideas more. As someone trying to get a piece of work produced at the moment, I understand the set backs new writers face. Quality has nothing to do with it...

As for the shows you mentioned, I can image in being hard to devise one. People will love to see the jokes and catchphrases they love from the show - but to an extent. I like the Steptoe one because it is a piece in its own right - a new story, and a new look at the characters and they weren't necessarily impersonating. We must allow the 'new' actors to portray the characters their way.

Personally I am not a fan of Leslie Grantham. I can not imagine him as Walker. The late James Beck would be hard to follow.

I wonder what it next... some of the more bizarre stage adaptions over the years have included 'Neighbours' and a musical version of 'Prisoner Cell Block H' which starred Lily Savage... I kid you not...
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Postby bob » Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:15 pm

A good thing about the Dad's Army stage show is that they didn't over do the catch phrases. Typically one "Stupid boy" and I can't even remember a "They don't like it up em"
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Postby Karl » Mon Oct 24, 2011 9:40 pm

I'm going to the Chrysalis theatre in Milton Keynes next Saturday (5th nov) to see An adaptation of "The Bird","The Desperate Hours" and "Oh, what a beautiful mourning" by Mk theatre of comedy,
the show is on thurs 3rd,fri 4th and sat 5th,Ray and Alan are attending on the thursday signing copies of "Masters of sitcom" totally gutted i can't make that night!!! :(
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