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RESTORED sample: Till Death Do Us Part (S03E02) Blood Donor

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RESTORED sample: Till Death Do Us Part (S03E02) Blood Donor

Postby The Pixel Surgeon » Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:07 pm

RESTORED sample: Till Death Do Us Part (S03E02) Blood Donor (BBC) 1968


01_BEFORE_Restoration_TDDUP_S03E02_BBC_1968: ... BEFORE.mpg

02_AFTER_Restoration_TDDUP_S03E02_BBC_1968: ... _AFTER.mpg

02_AFTER 2_Restoration_TDDUP_S03E02_BBC_1968: ... FTER_2.mpg

Don't watch them off the web page, download them.

01 is the BEFORE and 02 is the AFTER. 02 has been restored and VidFIRED (sure you've heard of that - it's had the 'video look' put back in/reinstated).

02, in particular, needs to be watched back on something that'll display interlaced video, or one of the main reasons for the restoration (the VidFIRE), will be lost.

See below, for more details on what you need to do...:


If you're not going to watch this back on a proper CRT TV (remember those...), then use the following media player and settings:

VLC media player is an ideal candidate, if you plan to watch this back on an LCD or LED flat screen computer monitor.

Available here for Windows:

Or here for Mac OS X:

Once installed, and the video is playing back, hit Pause, then go up to the Menu > Video and change the following two default settings:

1. Video > Deinterlace > On
2. Video > Deinterlace mode > Linear or Yadif (2x)

Once those are set, then hit Play...

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