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All Gas & Gaiters (S05E02) The Bishop Entertains (RESTORED)

PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 3:09 pm
by The Pixel Surgeon
All Gas and Gaiters (S05E02) The Bishop Entertains (BBC) 2015 RESTORED - VidFIRE(D) (7800kbps CBR PCM)

This hasn't been uploaded anywhere else, so here's your chance to watch something, only I've had the pleasure of - so far...

This was originally made in colour, but the black and white telerecording is, sadly, all that now survives - despite having been made in the early 70s. Whilst I couldn't restore the colour (not yet, anyway, in a way I'd want to share...), I have, as-per-usual, cleaned up and reinstated the video-look.

All Gas and Gaiters - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:


Series synopsis:
All Gas and Gaiters is a British television ecclesiastical sitcom which aired on BBC1 from 1966 to 1971. It was written by Pauline Devaney and Edwin Apps, a husband-and-wife team who used the pseudonym of "John Wraith" when writing the pilot. All Gas and Gaiters was also broadcast on BBC Radio from 1971 to 1972.

Main cast:
William Mervyn (The Bishop; Cuthbert Hever), Robertson Hare (The Archdeacon; Henry Blunt), Derek Nimmo (The Reverend Mervyn Noote; The Bishop's Chaplain), John Barron (The Dean; Lionel Pugh-Critchley), Joan Sanderson (Mrs Grace Pugh-Critchley)

Download All Gas and Gaiters (S05E02) The Bishop Entertains from here:



For those that may be interested to know what this looked like before I restored it, you can download a 5min sample from here:

Please note: WinRAR will be needed, as this AGAG episode is archived across two files - in which, there's a VIDEO_TS folder, that you can burn off to a DVD (or just playback using VLC media player - see below for more details on that, and where to get it, if you don't already have it). In the meantime, should you need it, you can download WinRAR from here:

This, as-per-usual, for my files/uploads, needs to be watched back on something that'll display interlaced video, or one of the main reasons for the restoration (the VidFIRE), will be lost.

See below, for more details on what you need to do...:


If you're not going to watch this back on a proper CRT TV (remember those...), then use the following media player and settings:

VLC media player is an ideal candidate, if you plan to watch this back on an LCD or LED flat screen computer monitor.

Available here for Windows:

Or here for Mac OS X:

Once installed, and the video is playing back, hit Pause, then go up to the Menu > Video and change the following two default settings:

1. Video > Deinterlace > On
2. Video > Deinterlace mode > Linear or Yadif (2x)

Once those are set, then hit Play...

Enjoy... :wink: