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Harry H Corbett interview - Thames Television - 1975

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Harry H Corbett interview - Thames Television - 1975

Postby The Pixel Surgeon » Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:35 pm

Harry H Corbett interview - Thames Television - 1975 (7800kbps CBR PCM)

First broadcast 7th October 1975.

Please note: This is available to see elsewhere (if you know where to look), but not full resolution and interlaced, as we have here.


Download Harry H Corbett interview - Thames Television - 1975 (7800kbps CBR PCM) from here: ... PCM%29.mpg

This, as-per-usual, for my files/uploads, needs to be watched back on something that'll display interlaced video.

See below, for more details on what you need to do...:


If you're not going to watch this back on a proper CRT TV (remember those...), then use the following media player and settings:

VLC media player is an ideal candidate, if you plan to watch this back on an LCD or LED flat screen computer monitor.

Available here for Windows:

Or here for Mac OS X:

Once installed, and the video is playing back, hit Pause, then go up to the Menu > Video and change the following two default settings:

1. Video > Deinterlace > On
2. Video > Deinterlace mode > Linear or Yadif (2x)

Once those are set, then hit Play...

Enjoy... :wink:
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