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RESTORED CLIP - Steptoe and Son: A Winter's Tale

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RESTORED CLIP - Steptoe and Son: A Winter's Tale

Postby The Pixel Surgeon » Sun Apr 17, 2011 3:13 am

Phil ******* Glass... You've all got him to thank for this...

Just done a quick restoration on one of the "Lost Steptoe" episode; "A Winter's Tale", and thought some of you here might appreciate taking a look...

I'm sure it can be improved even further, as this was just a quick run through...

The clip I'm using came from one of my own off-air recordings, which I made directly to Super VHS at the time this episode was very first broadcast (after being discovered). So it's probably the best copy to work on for restoration purposes (as it was subsequently broadcast in a slightly cleaner state - which was still far from perfect). However, saying that, you will never have any of the "Lost Steptoe" episodes looking exactly as they would’ve originally, especially as they (basically) all have the colour missing...

The clip is dual screen; Before and After, so you can see what's been done. The file/mpg itself is DVD compliant, so can be copied off to a DVD without needing to be re-encoded (although you may not have the software currently on your system to do that…). However, whatever you do, to copy it to a DVD, don't deinterlace it, or the VidFIRE/video-look will be lost!

I’d recommend you do try and copy the file/mpg across to a DVD for best viewing, so you can hopefully watch it back on a trusty old 4:3 ratio CRT TV, as this really is how it should be viewed.

(Rant): Modern day flat screen TVs are not designed to show SD material at its best. And believe me, if we had high definition CRT TVs, you’d really be impressed by the quality of HD. The only reason we don’t (as they’d knock spots off any of their flat screen counterparts) is purely because they’re too bulky and thus can’t be hung off a wall – as some like to do with them – and not because a super duper widescreen CRT TV is worse than a flat screen of equivalent size…

The file's are stored on "MEGAUPLOAD" and can be had by clicking on the following links:

Before Restoration.mpg" (125.46 MB):

After Restoration.mpg" (72.62 MB):

I'll be giving you all access to another restoration of mine, a little later, which will be "The Ken Dodd Show"; "Steptoe and Son" Sketch from 1966, that I've lovingly restored & "VidFIRED" (given it back its "video-look"). It's NOT been seen this way (well, only by a handful of people) since its very first original broadcast, so should be a real treat - if I do say it myself!!!

Enjoy, and do please let me know what you think...
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