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Jokes (bad or otherwise)...

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Re: Jokes (bad or otherwise)...

Postby snodge » Tue Apr 16, 2019 6:51 pm

Although you suggested it, you haven’t said whether or not you suffer chronic
migraines Snodge

No i dont think i suffer chronic migraines, I suffer with severe tinnitus, and when this is bad it can trigger a headache
the severity of the headache varies and can be really bad (as i described previously), But i dont have the classic migraine
pre-cursors with auras and smells etc,
I think your right about your coffee cure as i noticed some painkiller ingredients contained caffeine, I drink instant coffee
but not to excess etc but i will try your remedy next time. Caffeine tablets are available to buy here in the UK and contain 50mg per tablet so might be useful to folk who dont drink coffee.
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Re: Jokes (bad or otherwise)...

Postby Dirty Old Yank » Mon Apr 22, 2019 1:48 pm

When we were young I'd come home from loud punk shows,
...ears ringing for days. Not a good idea, but hadn't heard
of tinnitus. There've been recent medical studies (2014)
that suggest drinking coffee helps prevent tinnitus but
the question remains, were those widely publicized
studies subsidized or influenced in any way by an
unfathomably wealthy, global coffee industry
and conscienceless lobbyists? ...A distinct
possibility, with consumer protections
now virtually extinct. Back on topic,
another hilarious Noel Coward story (as told by Barry Cryer.)
A theatre critic slagged one of Coward's later plays and he
wrote the critic back, "I'm sitting in the smallest room
in the house with your review in front of me, a moment it will be behind me" :lol:.
Playwright/humourist George S. Kaufman encountered
an inept bridge partner in the gents and Kaufman
said, "...That's the first time this evening
I've known what was in your hand" :shock:.
snodge wrote:...been playing geetar since i was 12

Then chances are you'll enjoy this brief clip of genius guitarist,
Joe Pass :o.
"I'm a rag n' bone man, I'm not a poxy grave robber!"
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