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Steptoe and Son - My Old Man's a Tory FOUND

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Steptoe and Son - My Old Man's a Tory FOUND

Postby johnxgin3 » Fri Oct 05, 2018 7:44 pm

phillip morris has found a 16mm print of the 1965 episode "My Old Man's a Tory', which was announced on the one show this evening.
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Re: Steptoe and Son - My Old Man's a Tory FOUND

Postby PhilGlass » Sun Oct 07, 2018 9:55 pm

Everything is out there, even colour prints of the "lost" colour episodes... "A Winter's Tale" has been back in the BBC archive in full colour for some years now... I'm beginning to wonder how "lost" they actually were in the first place...
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Re: Steptoe and Son - My Old Man's a Tory FOUND

Postby Dirty Old Yank » Mon Oct 29, 2018 11:47 am

Great news, but what does it mean for UK & International Steptoe fans/DVD consumers? Here is Morris'
5/10/18 appearance on the One Show (5min 30sec).
He claims that having found all the b/w episodes in their original format, he’s now working on finding the
wiped colour Steptoe's. Phil has mentioned BBC already has “A Winters Tale” colour but won’t broadcast it.
And as I’ve described, Steptoe encourages empathy with the impoverished, which obviously isn't a popular
topic with corporations and the politicians they employ these days. Evidence of that is BBC online and their
frontpage reduction of Alan’s passing last year to a footnote within 1 day, within 2 days the link vanished,
only to be replaced by mindless celebrity gossip, which shocked Ilovesteptoe and myself. Exactly the same
happened with BBC website’s handling of Ray’s recent passing. So, assuming BBC still holds the rights
to broadcast and/or sale what are the chances they’ll see fit to distribute anything Morris discovers? Without
a grain of cynicism, a good guess is we’re never going to see the “re-discovered” Steptoes and viewing will
be limited to those lucky few able to attend BFI’s all too brief “Missing, Believed Wiped” in London. So why
all the fuss? If the world isn’t permitted to see them, all this amounts to is a profitable advert for Morris'
company, Television International Enterprises Archives. With all due respect, if Philip Morris expects to
be taken seriously, why wear a stupid “Indiana Jones” hat w/accompanying music on The One Show?
That movie franchise was famously mediocre. Is he doing good work? Fine, but when businessmen
and politicians behave like secondhand car salesmen on television...that should alarm everybody.
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