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Harry H. Corbett items on Amazon

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Harry H. Corbett items on Amazon

Postby haporthrosie » Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:47 pm

Hello Everyone,

I've been going a bit potty with discovering Harry H. Corbett stuff on Amazon.

It's the equivalent of spotting not one figurine on the mantelpiece but a row of them ...!

This is probably going to be really boring but I'm just going to list what I've found so far. Prices given are the lowest starting but of course they go up! Some of the DVDs are also available on blue-ray.

'Ladies Who Do,' also with the wonderful Eric Sykes and Robert Morley, 7.37

'Rattle of a Simple Man,' with the also wonderful Diane Cilento, 3.63

'Sparrows Can't Sing,' with the ever wonderful Barbara Windsor, directed by the astonishingly wonderful Joan Littlewood (that veritable Empress who formed Theatre Workshop, Corbett's training ground) 8.91

'The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins,' with a list of wonderfuls - Ian Carmichael, Leslie Phillips, Spike Milligan and others. I believe Milligan also directed this and think, though am not certain, that it may have been written or co-written by the superbly wonderful Graham Chapman. 6.39

'Carry on Screaming,' just as you'd expect another one with loads of wonderfuls like Fenella Fielding, 3.91

'The Sandwich Man,' 5.38

'Joey Boy,' 3.99

'Sammy Going South,' directed by (the, yes, wonderful) Alexander MacKendrick of 'Whisky Galore' and 'The Ladykillers' 6.00

'Acting in the '60's,' a (wait for it) wonderful book which contains really well-done interviews with some of the best actors and actresses who've ever lived. Apart from Corbett there's also Eric Porter, Dorothy Tutin, John Neville, Richard Burton, Maggie Smith, Albert Finney, Robert Stephens, and Vanessa Redgrave all being incredibly interesting (as if they couldn't be.) Got this a few months ago and it immediately became one of those books I have to have on hand at any given moment. You can just read and re-read and keep learning and being delighted. This one starts at 2.53 but is beyond price. Magnificent photographs.

'The Comedy of Errors' with H.H.C. and (I simply must say it) t.w. Alec McCowen and Anna Massey was, thank God, recorded by Caedmon Records, bless their cotton socks. The lp itself is not currently available on amazon but can by listened to via Audible. There's a lovely little bit of magic by which you can have Amazon inform you if the lp shows up again. Worth checking ebay as well probably. Sorry I forgot to note down the prices of Audible downloads but I shouldn't think it would be much.

'The Singing Sailor' (t.w. Ewan MacColl's lp of Sea Shanties featuring H.H.C.) is also currently unavailable but the blessed YouTube has Corbett's stunning recording of 'Blow the Man Down.'

Some other wonders on YouTube are H.H.C. singing 'The Table and the Chair/The Things we Never Had' and 'Junk Shop/ ... oh crumbs I've forgot the name of the song on the flip side, something about Clerkenwell? It's about an Italian waitress in a caff. Ah well that's what passes for my brain for you. Anyway if you look up 'Junk Shop' it'll automatically play it after. Brilliant interviews with H.H.C. as well.

Really sorry this is probably boring the threpenny bits off everyone; I expect most of you know about these things already but I was so happy about finding them ... I'm one of those with too much enthusiasm but not much of a loaf.

Cheers everyone.
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Re: Harry H. Corbett items on Amazon

Postby Ilovesteptoe » Mon Jul 06, 2015 4:56 pm

Some nice Harry H items on Amazon there, and fair priced too. Got some mentioned such as Magnificent Deadly sins, Joey Boy & Carry On Screaming (hoping to get that on blu ray soon) but none of the others. Love to see Sandwich Man again with Harry H and Michael Bentine, heck all of them. I love my classic 50s/60s comedy me. 8)
Cheer if you love Steptoe & Son!

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