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'The Curse of Steptoe' - BBC Radio 4's 'Front Row'

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'The Curse of Steptoe' - BBC Radio 4's 'Front Row'

Postby The Pixel Surgeon » Sat Mar 15, 2008 3:46 am

This week’s edition ( Friday 14/3/08 ) of BBC Radio 4's ‘Front Row’, had a shortish section on the forthcoming drama season on BBC Four; ‘The Curse of Comedy’, and 'The Curse of Steptoe' obviously had a mention... and which went into the reasons for the content/slant of each of the four dramas. Sounds to me, as indeed I already knew, that these dramas will be focusing on the not so funny sides of all those concerned/involved/featured, that we care and love so dearly...

So..., anyone looking to have a laugh, during the broadcast of any of these dramas, will be waiting a long time, and thus be highly disappointed... As this (these) will be, quite literally, a behind the scenes look, at the lives of all those involved...

For me, the mystique of how things are done/seen, from the other side of the camera, may well disappear forever - once witnessed, from this other perspective. So, before you watch, make sure you are ready, for what’s to come... as all those illusions you had/have, may be banished in an instant, and you’ll start to look at things, you once very much enjoyed, quite differently – even if you don’t really end up, believing any of it...!

Those that have RealPlayer installed can follow the link, below, to 'listen again':
(why they don’t allow this service through Windows Media Player, I’ll never know, as we all have this on our systems, by default)
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