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Steptoe and Son VHS totting in Sunderland...

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Steptoe and Son VHS totting in Sunderland...

Postby taylorslade » Wed Nov 19, 2008 9:55 pm

Hey guys...just thought I'd make this a regular feature each time I go totting for Steptoe VHS and other Steptoe goodies updating you with all my finds :D :D

This week....
The Seven Steptoerai VHS
Divided we stand VHS
And a very perculiar "Series 5 cassette 2"...this is a pirated tape which has the UKTV gold logo on the top corner of the screen when playing lol :D
For each video I paid £1 each....
Now that's a good day's totting....I could of done with some cream and dark rags though haha...

Anyone else had any good finds recently?

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Postby PhilGlass » Tue Dec 09, 2008 1:48 pm

Well done...

My local market has the entire box set on Pirate copy (argh matey) for a ten pound note!!

I also recently picked up some of the original LP's from a junk shop in Manchester. A couple of quid each but worht it as I am a vinyl enthusiast!! It's interesting that these episodes are audio recordings from the tv episodes and NOT the adapted radio episodes so they make for interesting listening!

Keep it up!!
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