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Steptoe and Son: The Offer - COMPLETE Restored Episode

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Steptoe and Son: The Offer - COMPLETE Restored Episode

Postby The Pixel Surgeon » Sun May 22, 2011 4:41 pm

Steptoe and Son (S01E01) The Offer (BBC) 05-01-62 - Restored / VidFIRED - Authored DVD

"S_and_Son_Offer_62.part1.rar" (700 MB):

"S_and_Son_Offer_62.part2.rar" (700 MB):

"S_and_Son_Offer_62.part3.rar" (443.15 MB):

Although I’ve seen this episode many many times (like most of you), I’ve never experienced the feeling of intimacy that reinstating the video-look has given to this particular restoration.

Indeed, it’s like you’re watching something you’ve never seen before… It’s the same episode, but seen from a very different angle. Very difficult to explain, as it really needs to be experienced...

So, download, and have the pleasure of experiencing the intimacy of something that although old, now feels so new (despite it being in good old black and white)!

Once downloaded burn the VIDEO_TS folder to a DVD and watch it back on a proper CRT TV, otherwise the main purpose of the restoration; reinstating the video-look/feel will be completely lost – along with the experience of intimacy mentioned above.

Enjoy, something the BBC would’ve never allowed you the pleasure of – and dare I say; a World First, into the bargain! :wink:
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