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Bill Kerr 1922 to 2014

PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 6:54 pm
by Ilovesteptoe
It's been announced in the media that radio star & comedy actor Bill Kerr of Hancock half hour fame has sadly died aged 92yrs in Perth.

Born in South Africa but raised in Australia he appeared on our screens alongside Tony Hancock & Sid James in many radio & TV shows throughout the 50s & 60s in Galton & Simpson's classic series Hancock's Half Hour (1954/61) and then in series Citizen James with Sid James from (1960/62) plus many a stage and theatre play not to mention some iconic films such as The Dam Busters (1955) & Wrong Arm of the law (1963) and also appeared in Doctor who in the recent recovered Patrick Troughton Enemy of the world story (1968) as Giles Kent. End of an era. RIP Bill. :(

Image: Hancocks Half Hour starring Bill Kerr, Tony Hancock, Sid James & Kenneth Williams.

Image: Citizen James series starring Bill Kerr, Liz Frazer & Sid James.