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I've finally done it!!!!

PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:35 am
by Elbolsa
Hi all,
after all these years of saying i was going to do it on this forum ...i finally have!
I have mounted up the entire cast of the film Steptoe And Son Ride again with Galton and Simpson(17 signatures).It really looks brilliant and measures 24" x 17 " overall.It contains the rarities of Joyce Hemson and George Tovey(he could hardly write) and my own (not the rude ones)from Yootha Joyce who was a regular at the dogs on our table.Also i have put in my best ones that i have collected of Harry and Wilfrid over the years.If someone could let me know how ,i will put up a couple of photos so you can all see it.
I will be selling a limited edition of 5 copies though i expect that they will have to be quite expensive due to everything that is involved in the production of the mount etc,19 apertures alone!


Re: I've finally done it!!!!

PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2017 1:00 pm
by Elbolsa
I have now listed it for sale on ebayuk. All forum members are entitled to a 10% discount.
I am going to sell a limited edition of 10 copies only.Which will be as faithful to the original as i can possibly make them.
I don't know how to post a link.So if it is allowed and someone can i'd appreciate it if you could do it for me.