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Steptoe and Son - So What's Left?

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Steptoe and Son - So What's Left?

Postby PhilGlass » Sat Feb 06, 2010 1:01 am

Okay... so we have the box set...
We have a few uncut episodes on video...

We have seen the good old Kenco commercial...

There isn’t an audio sketch we haven’t heard...

So when it comes to ‘Steptoe and Son’, what’s left?? Well, loads!!!!!

My research had astounded me...

1. AJAX... So there was an Ajax advert.. what if I said there were two?? That’s right!! I recently discovered a second one, making two commercials for Ajax in the Steptoe characters.

2. CHRISTMAS NIGHT WITH THE STARS 1965... Did they appear? Well, in 1965, The Radio Times transcribed what they called ‘The Last Ever Steptoe Sketch’... this has neevr been seen or heard since... but it is out there...

3. A PARTY POLITICAL BROADCAST FOR THE LABOUR PARTY... Okay, we all know Harry was a Labour supporter, so what? Well in 1969 he donned the Harold Steptoe outfit, parked Hercules outside and gatecrashed a Labour video accusing all politicians of being the same. The labour candidate then had to defend his party (the whole point of the program). This also features Shirley Williams.

4. IT’S A SQUARE WORLD: Wilfrid appeared as Albert in a short comedy sketch... without Harold.

5. THE GENERATION GAME: 1973... Life, is the name of the game and I wanna play the game with you... if you remember that you’re older than you tell people! You may also remember in 1973 Albert and Harold appeared in a special sketch.

6. A NIGHT OF 100 STARS.. 1980... 1980??? That’s right!! Very little is known about this except that Wilfrid Brambell and Harry H Corbett both appeared on the show... is it too much to assume that they both appeared as Steptoe and Son? It is more than likely.

So do we know it all? Not on your Nellie!! Just how much Steptoe is there out there? Even Ray and Alan are unsure. But while this mystery remains, being a Steptoe fan is a lot more interesting.

I hope you enjoyed this insight into what we are missing... no doubt there is a whole lot more too...
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