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Assorted Rags

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Assorted Rags

Postby PhilGlass » Sat May 08, 2010 12:59 pm

Due to unscrupulous people trying to sell copies of this and uploading to youtube etc.. this is no longer available.

Specific edits were put in all audio recordings to recognise them and it seems they have been exploited all over... I have discovered copies for sale..

Personally this is an insult to all those kind fans who offered this footage for other fans free of charge.

Therefore this is no longer available, if you have issues with this take it up with the rip off artists.
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Postby bob » Sun May 09, 2010 9:34 am

Hi Phil

What a shame.

Still the people who did it now know they are people without honour as they gave THEIR WORD, that they would not distribute it.

If they have such a lack of respect from themselves what can you expect !!!
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Postby Karl » Mon May 10, 2010 8:00 pm

Bloody Shitehawks!! some of us don't have a copy and its now unlikely we will have either!! to all you Rip-off merchants thanks a lot!! :x
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