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Til Death Us Do Part (some assistance)

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Til Death Us Do Part (some assistance)

Postby winstonlegthigh » Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:06 am

Hiya, probably a silly place to post this and a total long shot but here goes...i'm sure most people are aware of this wonderful sitcom and it's history and how loads of episodes are missing/wiped but my question is's meant to be the first 3 serieses only that are wiped or missing or partially lost, right? So why is it that only the 72 and 74 series are available on DVD? Does anybody have any idea where i might get my hands on the other existing once, i'd sell a kidney to be able to see em. If anybody could point me in anything resembling the right direction i'd be most it stands i've seen:

All episodes of In Sickness and In Health
72 & 74 Series of Til Death Us Do Part
Til Death Us Do Part the movie
The Alf Garnett Saga, the second movie (haven't seen it but found it for a quid on ebay, apparently it's public domain)
The first ever episode of Til Death Us Do Part as an extra on the series DVDs

and thats it, thats all i've seen, so thats missing like, God, tons n tons of episodes that i can't find hide nor hair of, been scouring the internet, emailing places, all to no avail. I don't get it, why would a series like this that, in it's day, eclipsed Corrie for viewing figures would be so hard to find. I know, i know, PC and all that but there's plenty of other just as un-PC sitcoms out there available in their entirity...there's got to be copies of em somewhere, i mean the lost ones are lost, i get it but what about all the rest? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I even heard word of a series called just Til Death which served as a sort of bridge between Til Death Us Do Part & In Sickness and in Health that was only around for one series.

I know this is probably the wrong place to be posting this but i can't find an Alf Garnett or Til Death forum where i could post this sort of a request on. So yeah, any help would be great, thanks for reading :)
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Re: Til Death Us Do Part (some assistance)

Postby bob » Thu Apr 05, 2012 1:38 pm

Sorry Winston

This will be no help but I think it is the PC issue that is keeping the lid on this one.

I loved Alf, I thnk the problem was that many people didn't get the joke, they laughed with him rather than at him.

Steptoe is the same, many people fail to see what a cruel, selfish b*****d, Albert is.

Still I think all of the Till Death episodes should be made available.

Out of interest, while I never liked it or thought it particualry funny, are the Love Thy Neightbour episodes available ?

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Re: Til Death Us Do Part (some assistance)

Postby stephen68 » Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:40 pm

Yes i agree with you Bob, some people just can't see the wood for the trees and have totally blinkered outlooks
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Re: Til Death Us Do Part (some assistance)

Postby PhilGlass » Fri Apr 06, 2012 11:28 am

I think the series "Till Death..." was the australian version with the same actors.

I liked "Love They Neighbour". I have mentioned elsewhere that the black actor, the fantastic Rudolph Walker, always defends it as the audiences being racists and not the characters, as he claims he has never once been asked why HIS characters uses so much racist abuse against the white man. Again the blinkers come out and people only see one side of it. This was also the first ever prime time show in the UK to have black actor in a lead role (according to him) so the show itself was a boon to Black actors.

It's not the funniest of sitcoms, but it wasn't too bad. Spike Milligan blacking up in an episode and playing the original incarnation of "Paki Paddy" who is a terrorist was perhaps going a little too far even in my book, but then every television comes with a censosrhip button that blocks out the bits you don't like - it's called the off switch.

As for "Till Death..." I was always fonder of "In Sickness and In health..." as this was the first series of it I saw as a child growing up. I remember the scene where Alf is trying to buy a new television set and is abusing the salesman. Needless to say the language in the school playground the following morning got a lot of people in to trouble... hmmm, I need to have a word with my parents!
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Re: Til Death Us Do Part (some assistance)

Postby winstonlegthigh » Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:03 am

Out of interest, while I never liked it or thought it particualry funny, are the Love Thy Neightbour episodes available ?

They certainly are Bob, you can buy the entire complete set of all 7 or 8 serieses and the feature length film, quite readily available. Which makes it all the more weird that they don't sling all the rest of Til Death Us Do Part out there.

Found their Royal Variety Performance on youtube which i reccomend anyone go check out, it's great. Also found an episode to download called Closing TIme which takes place entirely in the pub and i believe in from one of the 3 missing serieses.

Whats weirder is that, i dunno if you've ever heard of the series Curry and Chips? It was sort of like Paki Paddy gets his own series, Kevin O Grady :lol: Thats all available on youtube although it only ran for one series cuz it was found to be so objectionable. Look it up, i think it's hilairious.
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