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steptoe and son tv and film mistakes

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steptoe and son tv and film mistakes

Postby steptoe and son scrap » Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:43 pm

Series 7 episode 48, "Divided We Stand," when Harold and Albert are watching football on TV if you look through the vents in the back of the TV set you can see straight through it. It has no screen.

Christmas 1973: When Harold comes into the house after sitting on the holly ring in the outside loo, the house walls wobble when the front door is shut
Christmas Special 1974: When Harold is playing with the toy bus you can see the camera reflected in its windows.

When Harold and Albert are watching football on TV you only see the TV set from the back. If you look through the air vents you can see straight through it it - obviously a prop with no screen in it.

the 1973 Christmas special, when Albert and Harold are fighting over the cracker Albert's face goes into the trifle, and if you look carefully we can see that he just lets go of the cracker and puts his head in the trifle deliberately.

Christmas Special 1973: At the end of this episode Harold picks up a knife and chases Albert round the table with the knife in his right hand, but when the door bell rings the knife has disappeared
Just after Albert pulls the decorations down, Harold yells as he pricks himself on a nail sticking out of the ladder, however he completely misses the nail.

Albert Steptoe: 'Ere, that's a What the Butler Saw machine!

Harold Steptoe: Ah, you recognize it! Takes you back to your lecherous youth, does it?

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