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TV's Biggest Blockbusters

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TV's Biggest Blockbusters

Postby PhilGlass » Wed Jul 25, 2012 10:44 am ... 7-21-2035/

TV'S BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTERS, did anyone see this "anthology" the so-called biggest viewer rating shows in the UK?

I take exception to this for several reasons:

The main reason is that it concentrated on single episodes. For example, Steptoe, which was included, was receiving over 20 million viewers every week. Some of those that "beat" it had just 1 episode with high ratings. How is that fair? For Example, "Selwyn Froggit".

Also, they seem to work it out wrong in my opinion - this has always confused me: Let's use OFAH as an example.... people say "Time on Our Hands" must be the best episode as it had the most viewers. How does that work? People don't have time machines, so they dont know it's going to be good., Surely the episode BEFORE that had less viewers was better, then everyone said "you must watch that" and then more tuned in for the next one. If the one before was rubbish then it wouldnt have got as many viewers... or am I thinking too much about things?

I just think Steptoe was under played in the program. Steptoe had those viewers repeatedly, and repeat viewers were higher than most new episodes of other comedies. Just a little unfair the way they portrayed it.
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