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help to find a clip please

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help to find a clip please

Postby PhilD » Wed Nov 20, 2013 8:16 pm

Hi all

I'm researching the use of finger gestures in our UK culture

I have a memory of what I think was a closing scene to a Steptoe and Sons episode - or was it a movie? where they are riding on the horse and cart when a car is sounding a horn behind them. Albert gives the two fingered sign before the camera pans out to show a Rolls Limousine with HRH Queen inside

can anyone help with which film/episode this is from ? And can anyone point me to an online version of the scene?

many thanks
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Re: help to find a clip please

Postby Dirty Old Yank » Wed Nov 27, 2013 1:29 pm

Seem to recall hearing or reading somewhere, that the gesture you're referring to dates back to the introduction of the longbow in the Middle Ages, often wondered if that's true.
Fairly certain H. M. Queen doesn't appear in any of the 58 televised episodes. You could be remembering the closing scene of the second film (1973) where her presence in open carriage is implied, and an opening scene from the first film (1972) in which Albert says something incredibly cheeky causing Harold to reign in Delilah, bringing traffic to a stop. A ragtop sports car behind them impatiently honks, Harold shouts something over his shoulder, a common and innocent enough response, but quickly apologizes and tips his hat when he realizes it's a couple of nuns. Albert salutes the telly at the end of the broadcast day in the second film, but it wasn't a two fingered salute, I promise you! Hope that helps :)
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