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Queensway 1973 Christmas Special

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Queensway 1973 Christmas Special

Postby borethus » Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:43 am

This location in Steptoe and Son I find fascinating to identify. I shall preface what I say with 'I think'.

1973 Christmas Special: Recorded 3 Dec 1973, first broadcast 24 Dec 1973. No doubt holds fond memories for those who watched it that Christmas Eve.

Opening: Harold/horse & cart going down busy road with plenty of shops and delighted to see a 'park'; Albert making Christmas deco's back home; then Harold alighting', placing coin in parking meter, and crossing road to travel agent.

I think: Queensway, Bayswater, just north of Porchester Gardens. Filming north. Harold/horse & cart clip-clopping south.

Thought I may be able to get clues where it was filmed by seeing some of the stores/businesses Harold passes: woolworth, cooks world travel service, and quadrant stationers. Alas 1973 before my time. Yet when Harold quickly walks to meter, in background, overhanging pavement, a clock can be seen. Identified this as 1863 Whiteleys clock on Queensway. I think when Whiteleys underwent reconstruction in 1980s, facade - including clock - retained. Without clock, I would not have identified Queensway. Coin parking meters no longer there, but lamp post, next to one Harold feeds, I think still exists and one in front of fashion store Zara. When I work out how to post pics I'll do 'then and now' thing.


Borethus. :)
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Re: Queensway 1973 Christmas Special

Postby Dirty Old Yank » Sat Dec 09, 2017 4:34 pm

borethus wrote:This location in Steptoe and Son I find fascinating to identify...When I work out how to post pics I'll do 'then and now' thing.

Welcome to the forum Borethus, terrific posts re: Queensway, Goldhawk and Ledbury Roads, well spotted too! Fascinating topic, identifying those old neighbourhoods. I don’t live in West London so the only guidepost I can think of might be the elevated motorways (called ‘freeway overpasses’ here) clearly seen in some later episodes. You’ve probably already thought of this, but chances are they still stand, although those old yards are almost certainly gone, which would make it like looking for a needle (or wedding ring) in a haystack, those concrete overpasses are so faceless. Yet, there are some motorway overpasses occasionally seen in recent Yank movies
that I can clearly identify, despite not having seen (or driven) them in decades. The result of growing up in
an culture designed by and for the auto industry. What’s your opinion of the destruction of historic buildings & neighbourhoods? I think it’s a tragedy, even those increasingly few occasions when it’s genuinely necessary. What we've been witnessing, mostly, is “real estate porn”: corporate greed + political expediency + abuse of so called “eminent domain” laws, resulting in beautiful, historic buildings and entire neighbourhoods, being systematically destroyed in the interest of “progress” :roll:. Don’t know about you...but I’d rather walk on cold, damp, creaking floorboards in a home with history and character, rather than a hastily constructed block of flats that probably wasn’t built to code anyway. Which might explain in part my fondness for Steptoe & Rising Damp, a time well remembered even if the conditions were a bit grim. Very much looking forward to your ‘then’ and ‘now’ pics :).
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Re: Queensway 1973 Christmas Special

Postby Uncle Nobby » Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:19 pm

Hello Borethus - A fine and worthwhile task you have set yourself.

Dirty Old Yank the flyover in the background of Steptoe and Son is called the Westway, and of course the old yards
are now all built over, but the underneath of the Westway is used for in places basketball pitches.

Slightly further eastwards along the Westway you come to Hammersmith seen in the opening credits of Bottom filmed on Hammersmith Broadway and showing the lads in a window above Hammersmith tube station
(Goldhawk Road is a couple of stops up from here). That's all built over now too.
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