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Men of Letters

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  First Broadcast : 21 February 1972  

The episode opens with Albert & Harold playing a “friendly” game of Scrabble…

The most amusing point is a very quick glance at the words on the board where a large number of swear words have crept into the game from Albert ( when watching it on normal TV only a few words could be read before it carried on with the scene BUT with Video and DVD these days and “freeze frame” you can see that G & S got quite a lot past the BBC censor in this episode…)

Harold as ever is on a hiding to nothing in this game as always seemed the case throughout the series in any pastimes or games played between him and his father….

The Vicar played by the wonderful Anthony Sharp calls round asking the pair to write an article about “totting” for the churches centenary edition magazine….

An argument then ensues on who will write the article when finally the vicar uses a coin to decide, Harold wins the toss and then interviews every Totter within a 2 mile radius for the history of the profession in the local area…


The vicar still offers the chance to Albert of contributing something to the magazine….

Albert on hearing a fellow totter called Charlie Harris making various claims on a tape recording given to Harold that were actually his exploits, opens up and gives an interview for Harold’s article…

Harold as ever foresees a bright future away from the junkyard this time in journalism and spends the next several nights composing his piece…

As ever a twist in the tale occurs and Harold’s hard work goes up in smoke ( Literally!)…

What was Albert’s contribution?

And what happens to the Vicar?


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Men of Letters

This was the 1st Episode of Series 7.

This is a true classic. Many people think the Vicar was a regular, but this is the first of just two appearances. But he made a lasting impression


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