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A Star is Born

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  First Broadcast : 3 April 1972  

This episode begins with Albert leaving a local curry house with a takeaway and Harold in the yard looking for props for the local amateur dramatic society.

During dinner Albert questions his motives of helping them out so much and concludes that he\'s only interested in "knocking off" the leading lady, Harold in vain tries to convince him that's its good publicity for the business with a credit in the theatre programme "costumes and props by STEPTOE AND SON"...

This production has an added bonus for Harold as he has been cast in the lead role by the new director Rupert (played by "Are you being served?" stalwart Trevor Bannister) in his specially written play "Guilt, The White Mans Burden" set in Afghanistan during the uprising in the 19th Century.....

Harold once again sees a way out of his drab life on the"rounds" via acting this time and of course Albert wants to put a stop to it as usual....


One of the highlights of the episode is Harold showing Albert his audition he gave to Rupert to get the part... (This is quite funny due to the fact that before Steptoe, Harry in fact was quite an acclaimed Shakespearian actor who had to give it all up with his success in the series as the public couldn't see him as Shylock or whoever rather than Harold Steptoe playing Shylock).

Harold alas makes the fatal mistake of inviting the company to rehearse at the house due to the fact the local hall is unavailable and Albert wriggles his way into a part in the play impressing Rupert with the resonance of his voice!

Who is the new lovely leading lady?

What are "poloponies"?

And who is the real A STAR IS BORN?


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Divided We Stand

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You'll love it Darling

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