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Oh, What a Beautiful Mourning

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  First Broadcast : 6 March 1972  

This to me was the quintessential episode of the Steptoe saga; we finally got to meet the rest of the Steptoe family in COLOUR at a family funeral, often talked about in the confines of the “mews cottage” in Oil Drum Lane by the two main protagonists…

The family had been seen once before in B/W in the fourth series in the episode “And afterwards at…” when Harold’s abortive attempt at marriage was scuppered once again by Albert but this time at the alter...

Some of the actors and actresses appeared in both the 1965 and 1972 episodes but either played different family members or were unnamed in the earlier episode….

The episode had the talents of George A.Cooper, Rita Webb, Mollie Sugden and Queenie Watts who helped flesh out the family….


The best performance of all for me was Rita Webb’s “Potty Aida” with the classic line “Call that swearing wait until we get to the b****ing cemetery!” my favourite line...

The episode begins with Albert receiving a letter about the death of his older brother George, Harold on his return from the rounds seems a bit taken aback by this news as he didn’t know this Uncle even though he was apparently his GODFATHER!

The scenes prior to the “internment” showed the avarice and greed the family were well known for as they all looked forward to their “cut” of the will after the internment….

Has George a surprise for the Steptoe family?

And can Albert get back the £25 that he leant to him in 1925 to start a new life in Australia?

I’m fairly sure you know the answers but if you haven’t seen it before this to me is the real MUST WATCH episode of Steptoe and Son…


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Oh What a Beautiful Mourning

When you buy this DVD you'll get to meet all of the Steptoe family at their very worse. Albert top them all of course.

One of the best "pay-offs" of the entire series


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