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And So to Bed

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  First Broadcast : 11 September 1974  

Apparently whenever this episode is shown on terrestrial television, Waterbed sales go into decline….

The episode begins with Harold “entertaining” the lovely Marcia in the sitting room of the “mews cottage” late at night. Upstairs Albert is in bed “cobbling” shoes and Harold forgetting his date with Marcia that night had given him 6 pairs that day off the round. Marcia is very eager to go upstairs but Harold insists that his father must be asleep before they ascend the stairs or he won’t leave them alone all night.

Finally silence happens and Albert appears to be asleep, Harold and Marcia make their way to Harold’s room, Harold pulls back the sheets of his bed and a “ladybird” (that looks suspiciously like a bed bug) has taken up residence, chaos ensues which ends up with Harold minus Marcia and a broken bed…

The following morning Harold decides to buy himself a new bed from the “Bayswater Bedarama” and a brand new waterbed is purchased for 200 guineas….


Harry H. Corbett as Harold Steptoe

The scene is now set for a romantic dinner for two but what on earth could go wrong now that Harold has the ultimate “bird pulling” gadget available?

And will Harold be able to assassinate Albert before “Murder in Oil Drum Lane”?


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And So to Bed

Harold has pulled a bird, but he's never going to impress her with a bed full of flees. Time to buy a new bed.

Check this DVD out to see if Harold can make a big splash.


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