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A Winters Tale

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  First Broadcast : 13 March 1970  

Another segment from the previously mythical missing colour episodes and like the others is just as fascinating.

This was actually the first of the returned episodes that I saw upon recovery and it blew me away. It follows my favourite format of the two hander installment and is another in the often repeated theme of Harold wanting to go on holiday and the old man dead against it and trying everything in his power to stop him.

What makes this episode different from those others is the resolution of the situation , I won't go into spoilers but the reason Harold's plan fails is actually nothing to do with his dad but the result of his own stupidity.

This seemed to me that the writers were perhaps getting a little tired of using the must 'get away for a holiday' plotline and sought to do something different with it.

It worked! The episode feels fresh and original and obviously gave them confidence to use the same plotline at least twice more in the series.

When you have two characters in close proximity to each other like Steptoe & Son then it's inevitable that certain similarities are going to occur within the series and repeated storylines, the trick is to present each one with a twist and this episode does that perfectly.


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A Winters Tale

Harold want's to go on holiday again

This time it's skiing and there's time to practice before he goes. Surely Albert will try to spoil things, or will Harold finally get his own way.


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