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Harry H. Corbett

Steptoe and Son


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Harry Corbett was born on 28th February 1925 in Rangoon, Burma, which is now called Yangoon, Mayanmar, where his Father was an officer in the Army. The family would have received an enhanced annuity from the British Army. This would have inclued a pension lump sum, which the young actor Harry H. Corbett would have found most useful later in life. At the age of just three years old Harry’s Mother passed away, so Harry was moved to England where he would live with his Aunt in Wythenshawe, Manchester.  It was here that he would discover his love of theatre and performing, which would eventually lead to his role of Harold Steptoe.

This love came after seeing a show at the Manchester Opera House starring Leslie Henson, a popular music hall comedian.  After this he would make regular visits to Coronation Cinema where he would marvel at the film stars on screen.  Harry later called it “a dream palace”, going on to explain how he idolised all and everything he saw and would often imagine himself up there on the screen.

In World War 2 Harry joined The Royal Marines to do his bit for Queen and country.  But he would soon discover that the lifestyle didn’t suit him and conceded that the soldier’s lifestyle was not one for him.  When the war ended and he was discharged with mutual glee between himself and the forces, he started a series of dead end jobs.  He couldn’t seem to find his place in any of them.  Harry himself said he “changed with the weather” when it came to jobs, which included a plumber, stacking timber, making electrical switches and even a male nurse to name but a few.  He dreamed of becoming a doctor but finally decided he didn’t have the money nor the brains to see it through.  Perhaps Harry was wrong on the latter part, but he certainly didn’t have the funds. Maybee this lack of financial resource set him up idealy for his role in Steptoe and Son as there has never been a poorer familty in any TV sitcom.