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Harold Albert Kitchener Steptoe


Harold is a man totally lost in his circumstances. He feels trapped, restricted, and left behind. He is a man who feels he is entitled to something better, but he has neither the imagination nor the drive to follow his desires. Instead he just dreams of what might be, and in the process provides us with hours of amusement; usually at his own expense.

Since a small boy (we assume) he has been brought up solely by his father who has wasted no time in teaching Harold that he doesn’t have a lot to offer the world, and that the best thing he can do is stay close to dad. Whenever Harold ventures into new areas or projects, Albert wastes no time in telling him that he will fail miserably and that he is making a fool of himself. Naturally like most people doing something for the first time, Harold doesn’t get things right, but this only enforces the messages coming from Albert that Harold’s best option is to stay right where he is.



Harold however is the eternal optimist, and it is this that endears him to us all. Each new venture he embarks upon, whether it be acting, ballroom dancing or TV repairs, we are right there beside him, willing him on, hoping that this time he will get the break he deserves. However just like him, somewhere within ourselves we know the venture is doomed before it has even begun.

This doesn’t mean that Harold takes everything the world or the old man can throw at him. Harold will always seek an opportunity to push his boundaries with his father, and when circumstances dictate he will not hesitate to assert his authority when he believes peoples behaviour dictates. Many of the funniest moments in the series arise from Harold being pushed too far. Who can forget Harold throwing his family’s wedding presents out of the window, as they ask for them back only minutes after he has been jilted at the alter, and giving his father a blanket bath with surgical spirit as punishment for pretending to be ill for many weeks. “Oh me goolies” cries Albert, barely audible above the audience laughing.

However in the end Harold always gives in and realises he will never fly the nest. Perhaps he is happy as he is...................... or is he? The very last scene of the very last episode, sees Harold manipulate circumstances so that while keeping Albert happy, he nevertheless gets to do what he wants to do........ (her name isn’t mentioned). Even though at the time nobody knew this would be the last episode, could this be the Steptoe team telling us that if like Harold you never give up believing, one day you can realise your dreams too?



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