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The Bird

  First Broadcast : 14 June 1962    
Steptoe and Son - The Offer, Harold back of the round
Harold has completed his chores for the day - or has he?

He is getting ready for a date while Albert busies himself recharging used batteries in the oven.

Albert suggests Harold invites Roxanne home for her dinner - which he does.

After clearly spending a great deal of time preparing for the evening (including lace tablecloth, bread rolls, a candelabra, asparagus soup and two colours of wine), by 8.25pm Roxanne has failed to show and is now almost an hour late

Albert baits Harold throughout - reinforcing that they are better off without 'birds'. Harold becomes angrier and angrier until his disappointment and frustration erupt and he wrecks the dinner table.

During this outburst there is a knock at the door.

Harold answers and, after telling her she is late, angrily shoves a plate of rescued fish and chips at Roxanne. Slamming the door in her face, he tells her to go away.
The scene closes with Harold staring out of the window hopelessly questioning "who did she think she was"? Meanwhile, Albert reveals himself the manipulator

  He turns the clock back to the correct time: 7.25pm.

This is a very densely packed episode which reveals a great deal about the characters, fleshing them out in full. The shock you feel when you see the lengths Albert will go to keep things as they are is very powerful and extremely rare in situation comedy.

But then, Steptoe and Son is no ordinary sitcom.

Albert Steptoes very first heart attack
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The Bird

Poor Harold, can his life get any worse. Perhaps things are on the up. A Girlfriend is coming to diner

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