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The Economist

  First Broadcast : 28 June 1962    
Steptoe and Son - The Economist - Book Reading Leads to Communision
It's a very rare occasion when I think of a Steptoe and Son episode in a bad light, but I do with this one.

I'm not entirely sure what is wrong with it but I think that the primary cause is simply because it's just not funny, has all the pace of a crippled slug and the plot is neither here nor there.

Looking at it again recently it seems as if Brambell and Corbett themselves thought so as they just appear to be going through the motions as it were in their performances. They look bored and I joined them.

Even the ending just sort of fizzles out with Harold repeating his idiotic scheme of replacing his sets of teeth with gas masks.

This episode is, frankly, boring and is certainly the worst episode of the monochrome era, it is not the worst episode ever there is a worse one, and that is it's only claim to fame.

I'll leave you all guessing which episode is the pits of Steptoe and Son until I talk about it later.

This website ifs full of praise for this fantastic series and quite rightly so, but I do feel that any shortfallings should be pointed out as well as the praise that the vast majority of the episodes get.

I have done so.....

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The Economist

After 64 years of trading the Steptoe's are worth just £200.

It's time for Harold to take over the business.


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