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The Piano

  First Broadcast : 21 June 1962    
Steptoe and Son - The Piano - Harold does a deal

Harold gets called to the very top of some flats by a posh old chap that wants rid of his old piano.

When Harold enters the man's appartment, the man asks him to take off his boots and asks Harold what size shoe he wears? To Harold's suprise the man gets some carpet slippers out of the nearby cupboard.

On eventually seeing the piano in question, Harold persuades the man to give him the piano and £5 as well because it's such a big job! Harold leaves to get his dad for help. When they both arrive back to the man's flat he is supprised to see Harold has only brought one man to help him.

A lot of bickering occurs between Harold and Albert to which the man whose flat it is catches Harold raising his hand to his dad.

The man threatens Harold he'll get the police he dosn't treat his dad better. Harold whispers (just wait till we get home). A knock at the door reveals the police saying if Harold dos'nt move his horse that he's in bother. So after wasting the best part of the day Harold calls it a day and leaves the mans flat with the piano wedged half way through a doorway.

  This is a great episode and it shows how good Albert was at making Harold look a bad son by him getting caught out. Also the policeman is the same one that was in "any old iron."

Steptoe and Son - The Piano - Albert reached an obvious conclusion
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The Piano

Harold has had a tickle. Not only is he given a beautiful piano, but £5 for taking it away !!

The only problem now is getting it out of the flat !


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