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A Death in the Family

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  First Broadcast : 6 March 1970  

This episode was the first one that I ever saw. Being too young to remember the sixties installments this was my introduction to the wonderful world of Steptoe and Son and it has stuck in my affections since that day in 1970.

This episode is almost unique in that, while it is very funny, it has real grief and sadness underpinning the comedy at the loss of Hercules. Corbett and Brambell are quite simply wonderful at displaying these emotions and by not allowing the situation to be sent up come across as real emotional human beings that make me realise when I watch the episode just why I care about these characters.

Of course all this went over my head at the time as I was about five and it's only in later years that I have began to look for these themes and analyse issues what children will miss.

  This episode will never be judged in the top echelons of Steptoe's Hall of Fame but by being my first episode it remains one of my all time favorites, and I don't mind one iota that the colour print has been lost, just to have a B/W copy is great as it could so easily be gone forever.


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A Death in the Family

Hercules is dead and Albert's heart broken. So is Harold - He was going out that night

Corbett and Brambell deliver an acting/comedy mastercass. Buy it now.


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