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Any Old Iron ?

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  First Broadcast : 20 March 1970  

Broadcast in 1970 this is possibly the most un-PC episode of the series.

A flamboyant antique dealer 'Timothy Stanhope' (silent h ) wanders into the yard looking for anything interesting, and immediately takes a shine to Harold !. Despite warnings from Albert that "he's a poof" Harold accept's a gift of cufflink's and a trip to the ballet - which according to Albert is "poof's football" .

Timothy offers to set Harold up in business with an antique shop and they have dinner at his flat to discuss it, Albert is horrified and warn's Harold that it's a trap even threatening to have Harold made a ward of court and put in care, to which Harold replies'"father I am 38 year's old".


It soon becomes clear that Albert's fears were well founded as Timothy tries to seduce Harold who of course reject's his advances and head's for the door, only to be met by Timothy's 'partner' a police inspector. Harold heads for local 'good time girl' Dolly Clackett, alas Harold get's into trouble from Albert when he discover's that Harold spent the night with Dolly!.


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Any Old Iron ?

He's a poof ! He fancies you !

Galton and Simpson have the audience screaming with laughter as they tackle a subject that was still taboo in the 70's


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