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Come Dancing

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  First Broadcast : 9 November 1970  

Harold has a girlfriend and she is a keen ballroom dancer.He can't dance.

Albert can dance beautifully and teaches Harold.
Harold leaves for his dancing date,{it might be a competition}full of confidence.

It ends with him returning looking to throttle Albert as he has been taught to dance the womans steps and not the lead.
Part of the reason I find this funny is my mum was one of many sisters and when she did dance with a man they would complain that she was leading.

Come Dancing  -  Steptoe and Son

  Review Posted by : Janet Walker   To submit an Alternative Review Click Here  

The thing I noticed most about this episode was near the end of it when Harold says; and I quote "You taught me the woman's steps you daft pillock". You can see that that Harry H. Corbett is trying not to laugh.

If you have the DVD of this look closely at this part, it is so obvious i'm surprised they didn't go back and do a retake!!

Steptoe and Son  -  Come Dancing
  Review Posted by : David Graham   To submit an Alternative Review Click Here  

Come Dancing

Alan Simpson once picked this as one of his favourite episodes. It all builds to a classic ending.

Buy the DVD as see if you share Alan's view.


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