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The Lodger !

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  First Broadcast : 18 February 1964  

This was one of the first Steptoe episodes I saw and it is always a favourite to watch - the Steptoe's are skint again and Albert has an idea - they'll take in a lodger! Of course, Harold is against this idea but Albert goes ahead and writes the advert... 'Room to let in fashionable mews cottage. £5 a week, clean linen, no Wogs!'. Harold is disgusted by this, and for once Albert agrees "There's good wogs and bad wogs I suppose, same as us!"...

The very thought of a line like that now in a modern sitcom would have the politically correct brigade working overtime! So Harold moves out - he couldn't share with a lodger

Of course, neither can manage without the other, but each has to put up a facade. When Harold returns to visit his Father three weeks later, there is no lodger and Harold's new job isn't going to set the world on fire... but for once Harold has the upper hand - he knows his Dad hasn't got a lodger! As the episode ends they are back to normal - arguing, but happy!

  The first time I saw this episode I missed a lot of it because I watched it with my family and I couldn't hear most of it for the laughter that was going on! Even the P.C. brigade couldn't be offended by this now. This is a true classic which stands the test of time! A fantastic episode!

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The Lodger

The Steptoe's are "on their uppers". They need money but can't agree a way forward.

Is this the end of Albert and Harold. Buy the DVD to find out


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