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Porn Yesterday

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  First Broadcast : 18 September 1974  

The episode begins with Harold bringing back to the yard a classic “What The Butler Saw” machine with the added bonus of a genuine film card reel inside….

Harold on finding some old pennies decides to watch it and after spending 2 pennies finds the film has changed from the late Edwardian era to the early 1920’s….

Albert becomes panic-stricken as the later films description and characters given by Harold brings back some memories he had hidden for over 50 years quoting a gentleman in a big car saying to him “want to earn a fiver? want to be in pictures?”…

Finally it dawns on Harold that he is watching his own father and he goes into a moral rant about his father’s behaviour and hoping his mother didn’t know anything about it. Albert confesses that Emily did know and the lady in the bath was his Aunty Rose! (Emily’s sister). Albert tries to defend himself to no avail when Harold decides he should destroy the shameful secret film reel.

The Vicar (reprised by the wonderful Anthony Sharp again) calls round looking for any bric a brac for his churches fate when he comes across the WTBS machine and asks for it to be donated to help pay for new bells for the church. Harold agrees to split the profits but insists they have no film reel to go with it….


How much will the WTBS machine make for the Churches bells?

And will the Vicar find out about Albert’s shameful past?


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Porn Yesterday

Albert's past catches up with him as Harold discovers he was a silent movie porn star.

What will the Vicar think ? Buy this DVD to find out.


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