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Assorted Rags - the missing extras DVD

with contributions from a number of steptoe and Son collectors, this DVD and CD compilation contains many items that could have been featured on the BBC's boxset. with thanks to Phil Glass

As regular readers of these pages will know, there was considerable disappointment at the lack of additional material included when the BBC released the entire Steptoe and Son series in one box set.

There was undoubtedly a lot of additional material out there and with a little more effort the boxset could have been a far more comprehensive package.

But Steptoe fans are an indomitable bunch, and in a burst of action akin to is heroes, Steptoe fan Phil Glass became a television archive totter and sourced many long lost TV and Audio recordings. Phil created an excellent DVD and CD package exclusively for die hard Steptoe fans only.

Phil tells the full story of how this all came about below, but on behalf of all of us lucky people to receive a copy, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say to Phil ..... Thank You.

I have been a fan of Steptoe and Son all of my life. At the age of 27, I was never able to witness these the first time round, but I really got into it when I watched the 'lost' Steptoe episodes as they were 'first' re-shown on the BBC. While at University I produced a short documentary (not for broadcast) on censorship and on a whim I emailed Tessa Le Bars asking if Ray and Alan could answer some questions for me - I honestly expected a polite no thanks and that would be that, but being the gentlemen they are, I received a very detailed response answering all of the questions I had put to them. My pure dedication to 'Steptoe and Son' started here. I already knew a great deal about the show but decided to research it on the internet when I discovered a fantastic website called and I noticed on the forum there were discussions about the unreleased sketches.

It must have simply been pure coincidence but a few days later I purchased a DVD from ebay featuring an old archive episode of 'The Ken Dodd Show'. All I knew is that it was an old episode and Ken Dodd happens to be one of my favourite comedians... To my amazement when watched the DVD it featured the Steptoe sketch - I really had no idea it was on there. I wasn't too sure how rare this was with fans so I contacted Bob from the site about the clip and he very courteously allowed me to write a review of the piece for the site. Through discussions on the forum I realised that a lot of the lost Steptoe footage was still out there and I put the word around that I would be happy to compile it all together. I was overwhelmed at the support from fans and received some wonderful content from all over the world. So 'Assorted Rags' was born. At first it was a DVD only set but very generous fans donated some wonderful audio recordings which just had to be part of it.

My own contribution was the picture videos set to songs recorded by the two great actors. This is my own tribute to two men who have entertained me for many years. PHIL GLASS
  DVD Features :
  • The Royal Variety Show - 1962
  • The Ken Dodd Show - 1966
  • The Kenco Commercial - 1981
  • Meet Galton & Simpson
  • Harry H. Corbett in Australia - 1972
  • Second Hand -Picture tribute to Willy
  • Like the Big Guys Do - Picture tribute to Harry
CD Features :
  • Night of 100 stars - 1962
  • Christmas Night with the Stars - 1967
  • Steptoe and Son Down Under - 1977
  • Scotch on the Rocks - 1978
  • Harry introduces the Steptoe Saga - 1976
  • RIP Wilfed Brambell - News Reports - 1985

The contributors to this project and this website freely acknowledge that the copyright for the items contained on the DVD and CD remains with Ray Galton and Alan Simpson. The package is NOT for sale to the general public and is only available to legitimate collectors who have contributed to this project.

If you have any other Steptoe material that is not included in this package, please contact this website.



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