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Robbery with Violence

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  First Broadcast : 2 November 1970  

One of the best episodes in my opinion - shame it's only black and white when it was originally shown in colour - Albert's at it again. This episode starts with a well acted monologue with Albert complaining (again), until he accidentally knocks over a cabinet of Harold's priceless china!

"He'll understand - who am I kidding? He'll murder me!" is such a well delivered line. So to get out of it, Albert pretends he was robbed. Oh, but it cant stop there - the police are called in and Albert claims he was burgled by 'Five skin-heads and a Pakistani' to which the copper replies 'They're getting together now!' - try putting that line in a modern show!!

Robbery with Violence - Albert's in trouble
  As always, the lies get deeper and Albert is rewarded a medal and his son is extremely proud of him... until he looks in the old gas cooker! Hmm, so the burglars left the broken china in there did they?

Robbery with Violence - Steptoe and Son quized by the police

Harold now wants revenge.... I won't give away the twist at the end but this is one of the funniest 30minutes I have ever watched - beautifully acted, well directed and well written. If you haven't seen this, watch it... (and watch out for five skin-heads and a Pakistani, you don't want to get robbed!). Excellent.


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Robbery with Violence

There has been a crime committed in Oil Drum Lane and the police are on the case.

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