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The Colour Problem

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  First Broadcast : 3 April 1970  

In this classic episode Harold has set his sights on a bird again, this time it's Muriel in go-go boots.

He's absolutely determined to pull this one, and will do it at any price: his savings to purchase a £315 sports car.

Even before it's paid for he's fantasizing...motoring with Muriel down a country road, the wind in their hair, and the pair of em wearing what he imagines to be the height of fashion: decked out from head to foot in white gear, right down to his billowing ascot and sunglasses that would give Elton John a run for his money.

Back from his round, Harold finds his pater watching a wolf-man horror movie (the brief clip we see is actually from "The Skull", starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee) on a tiny, malfunctioning, black and white television they've had since 1937, one of those models you hit with your fist to repair.

Harold Steptoe - Dreaming Again
When told a car is in the offing, Albert reminisces about his 5 quid Triumph Gnat and a bit of crumpet leaning up against the gear stick, "I used to be changing gears all day long!"
But crumpet or no, Albert has other ideas on how to spend the cash, namely a proper big screen colour telly...Charlie Miller got his father a colour television, so, "...if a rotten no good piece of scum like him can look after his old Dad, it don't say much for you does it?"

  Harold is having none of it, he's buying a car and that's his final word. Denied and frustrated, Albert slings his hook and leaves.

The next morning Muriel arrives at 26A to discover Harold's flashy new (well, used really) sports car. She expresses her approval, agrees to a date, gives him a peck on the cheek and departs (but not before getting his name wrong.)
Ecstatic that he might at long last gratify his desires, Harold leaps onto the bonnet, hugs his new auto and exclaims, "It's all down to you my little darling! If she performs as well as you do it'll be money well spent!"

His delight is short lived as coppers show up to inform him Albert is in hospital suffering from amnesia and exposure, having aimlessly wandered West London all night. His guilt is exacerbated by Albert's physician, an ear nose and throat man (Anthony Sharp) with a mere smattering of psychiatric training,
"But I know as much as they do!"

Will Harold pull Muriel?
Will Albert recover?
Or is he having everyone on?


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The Colour Problem

Harold wants to buy a sports car, Albert wants a colour television set,

A battle of wills commences .... but who will be the winner ?


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