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The Wooden Overcoats

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  First Broadcast : 14 January 1964  

Harold bags a bargain on the rounds. To his father's dismay and disgust, he's acquired a cart load of coffins. Albert wants nothing to do with them and informs Harold to get them out of his home. Harold of course, thinks he knows best and offloads them into the living room.

After a long spooky night ahead, they both end up sleeping with Hercules the horse!

One of my favorites of the B/W 60's episodes.

Review Posted by : Joe Halliday

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The Woodern Overcoats  -  Steptoe and Son




The Wooden Overcoats

Harold sets up one of the darker episodes by bringing home a cart load of coffins

Albert won't have them in the house. A clash of wills begins. Buy the DVD to find out who wins.


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