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"The Official Home of the Steptoe and Son Appreciation Society".

The site is delighted to announce that we have been asked by former society president Ron Bean to be the new home of the Steptoe and Son Appreciation society. The site has become a regular home to many Steptoe fans worldwide, who make regular contributions to the content of the site. Join them on our Steptoe and Son Forum. The site continues to grow and all contributions are welcome. Ron won't be completly saying goodbye and he plans to make regular contributions if the form of interactive games. His first is a Crossword Puzzle based on the Men of Letters episode.

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I grew up with Steptoe and Son.

My family like the rest of the nation were avid fans. In the late 1960’s with only two TV channels to choose from people shared TV experiences with each other and Steptoe was something the nation loved and talked about.

I was 12 when the series ended, and although the BBC repeated many of the shows (except the ones they lost of course!!!) there was nothing for many years that came close.

Now I feel that with a little extra time on my hands, and looking for something different to do, I can do nothing better than to create a tribute website to the six men who have given me endless hours of pleasure. So here’s to Albert, Harold, Wilfrid, Harry, Ray and Alan................. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy it.


February 2006

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